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    All boats, craft, and trailers must have a current, properly affixed California registration and current Millerton Lake Marina sticker in the Marina. Failure to have a current registration will result in removal of the boat at the Boat Owner’s expense without a refund.


    Oil, oily water or raw or untreated sewage shall not be discharged into the water or on land. All vessels shall be subject to inspection at any time by the Marina staff and other authorities to ensure that all sewage systems are Coast Guard approved and all through-hull valves are properly sealed to prevent illegal dumping while in port. All sewage systems on vessels must be U.S. Coast Guard approved and must be locked off while the vessel is docked. No porta-potties are permitted in the Marina. All spills of gas, diesel fuel, oil, or other hazardous materials must be reported immediately to all appropriate governmental authorities and the Marina Manager. Boats may only be washed with biodegradable soaps and the amount of soap used must be kept to a minimum. Removed paint chips, sanding debris, hazardous chemicals, including oil, engine coolant, hydraulic fluid, gasoline, diesel, paint and mineral spirits may not be allowed to enter the water or the ground and may not be left where they might be prone to leaking or spilling or exposed to rainwater. Proper disposal of all such sewage, oil products and chemicals is the sole responsibility of the boat owner. The Marina office may be contacted for approved disposal sites.


    Garbage is not to be thrown overboard or stored on the docks. It must be placed in sealed plastic bags and placed in the dumpster provided. No oil products, paint or solvents, or other hazardous items are allowed in the trash. An oil disposal facility is provided at the Marina.


    Noise should be kept to a minimum at all times. Discretion in operating engines, generating plants, radios, televisions, other sound producing devices and other power equipment should be used so as not to create a nuisance or disturbance.


    Swimming, diving, and fishing are not permitted from the docks or finger piers.


    Walkways shall be kept clear at all times. Only approved dock boxes and boat stairs are allowed on the docks. Only dock boxes properly identified and approved by the Marina may be installed and then only in designated areas. Storage of items must be confined to the dock box or the boat and will not be permitted on the docks, finger piers, parking areas, etc. Storage of hazardous or flammable materials is not allowed on or about the docks or in dock boxes. Any unapproved items found on a walkway or finger pier will be removed and disposed of at the owner’s expense.


    Designated parking is expressly for the use of Marina slip tenants and their guests. Violators will be towed at the owner’s sole risk and expense. Long term storage of vehicles is not permitted. Vehicles shall not be left in the same spot for more than three days without approval. Millerton Lake Marina does not warrant the availability or security of parking. The Marina disclaims responsibility for vehicles parked in the parking lots, including damage to, theft of or theft from vehicles. No overnight accommodations will be allowed in a trailer, recreational vehicle or other camping equipment in the Marina parking areas. Trailers or small boats on trailers are not to be parked in any parking area without written approval and proper identification from the Marina. Parking violators will receive a parking citation which may be issued for each occurrence. The parking areas are often congested with many pedestrians moving around; please drive very slowly through these areas to avoid accidents and injuries. Boat owners and their guests shall maintain a safe speed while at the Marina and shall not exceed 15 mph at any time.


    No open fires, BBQ’s or cooking stoves are permitted on the docks in the Marina.


    Absolutely no fireworks of any kind may be used or stored in the Marina. It is illegal to possess fireworks in a State Park. The Millerton Lake Marina is located within the State Park.


    Pets are permitted only if they do not create any disturbance. All pets must be kept on a leash six feet or less, and under the immediate control of the owner at all times. Pet owners are responsible to clean up debris left by their pets. Marina reserves the right to bar any pet from the Marina.


    Boat owners are allowed reasonable latitude regarding the care and maintenance of their boats. However, the following limits apply. Work above the rail or in the interior of the boat may be performed if it presents no hazard and creates no nuisance and does not interfere with other work in the immediate vicinity being performed by Marina employees or other boat owners, captains or crew. Other than employees or approved subcontractors of the Marina, and approved subcontractors employed by Boat Owner and registered in Marina, only boat owners or a boat owner’s employees who normally operate the boat may perform work. Approval to perform work other than normal maintenance must be obtained from the Marina Manager. Hull repairs, major engine repairs/overhaul, major sanding and painting, major carpentry/rebuilding projects will not be approved. Any approved projects must be accomplished strictly in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations; any violations will cause immediate stoppage of work, and may lead to cancellation of project approval. Repairs that may damage the docks are not allowed. Boat owners are liable for any damage to Marina property, which occurs as a result of such repairs. At the end of the day, all tools, lumber, supplies, etc., shall be neatly stored upon the vessel. Work areas shall be covered with tarps, in order to maintain a neat appearance. Work items and debris shall not be left on docks or finger piers. Debris that results from repairs shall be removed from Marina property by the boat owner. Outside contractors must be registered with the Marina, provide proof of current sufficient liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance prior to commencement of work.


    All boats are to be maintained in a sound and seaworthy condition. When this fails to occur and/or Marina considers there to be a risk of sinking, fire or other hazard, the Marina may, in its sole discretion, give the boat owner 30 days notice in writing in which to correct the problem(s). Failure to do so will be a DEFAULT in the terms of the License Agreement. The Marina reserves the right to perform periodic vessel inspections to determine the seaworthiness of any vessel.


    Laundry shall not be hung on boats or docks.


    Currently there are no electrical connections or Marina receptacles at Millerton Lake Marina, and no representation is made by Marina that any will be made available.


    No weapons or shooting of any kind are permitted on Marina premises. Possession of firearms/weapons is illegal within a State Park. The Millerton Lake Marina is located within a State Park.


    No portion of a boat (i.e. hull, bowsprit, plank, bow pulpit, etc.) shall overhang the walkway at any time nor extend into the waterway more than three feet unless approved in writing by the Marina. Private gangways will not be allowed to block access to another vessel. Boarding steps and ladders are subject to approval by the Marina. Boat owners shall keep their slip free from debris.


    No wake allowed! Boat owners are responsible for damages caused by their boat’s wake regardless of compliance with posted speed limits.


    Boat owners shall provide and maintain appropriate sized mooring lines in good working order and condition and will be responsible for tying up their boat so as not to damage other boats or property including the dock. If Marina employees have to retie a boat at any time, due to poor mooring lines, there will be a labor and material charge assessed against the boat owner. Millerton Lake Marina may have mooring line available for purchase. Check with the Marina Manager.


    Staying overnight or living aboard a vessel when moored at the slip is prohibited.


    Camping will only be permitted by State Park officials and is allowed by limited numbers in specified locations of the Lake. Camping permits must be obtained from the State Park entrance personnel and are not available at the Marina.


    Do not run on walkways of dock areas. Deck shoes are suggested for your safety. If water or mooring lines, or any other thing is required to cross a dock, it must be routed underneath or in a recessed area so as not to present a tripping hazard. Water hoses may be connected to spigots only when being used.


    Personal fueling of boats (carrying fuel in gas cans, etc.) is not allowed within the Marina. Storage of gasoline, fuel, or other combustibles on the docks is strictly forbidden. Fuel is not allowed to be brought into the Marina by Slip Holders or guests.


    Children under 12 years of age are not permitted on the docks without a parent or responsible adult in attendance. Non-swimmers and young children are requested to wear U. S. Coast Guard approved life jackets when on docks or watercraft decks.


    The use of motorcycles, motor scooters, foot scooters, skateboards, roller blades, skates, and bicycles is not permitted on Marina docks. Gas powered skateboards and scooters are not allowed at the Marina at any time.


    No commercial activity shall be conducted at the Marina. Commercial activities include, but are not limited to, repairs, rental or leasing of boats, chartering of boats, use of the Marina address, use of a number of a telephone or facsimile on a boat in any advertising, brochure, letterhead, business card, or other commercial document. No advertising or soliciting is permitted in the Marina. Any commercial activity will result in termination of your Slip License Agreement without refund. The display of “FOR SALE” signs on a boat is not permitted without Marina approval.


    Dock carts are currently available at the Marina for use by slip holders on a "first come, first serve" basis.


    upon any occupied boat slip or vessel reserved or occupied by any other person without the expressed permission of those persons or the management of Millerton Lake Marina is strictly prohibited. Such intrusion or trespass shall be grounds for immediate eviction from the property of Millerton Lake Marina at the sole discretion of Millerton Lake Marina management.


    is allowed in any area of the Marina. This includes the scavenging and/or collection of cans, bottles, and other recyclable materials from any containers or areas within the property and Marina dock areas of Millerton Lake Marina. Such actions or trespass shall be grounds for immediate eviction from the property of Millerton Lake Marina at the sole discretion of Millerton Lake Marina management.


    Licensee is responsible for monitoring water levels around your assigned slip. Failure to remove your boat should the water level drop or diminish will result in costs for removal and storage. You may call the Bureau of Reclamation that controls the Lake water level at (559) 822-2211, or check their web site HERE. The call for information on Lake levels should not be substituted for a visual inspection of your boat/craft.


    These rules of the Marina are subject to change and may be amended from time to time as deemed necessary by the Marina Management.


    You will be charged based on the length of your boat.




    All visitors and guests of Slip Holders not arriving in a properly identified Slip Holder vehicle must pay the Park entry fee and display proof of payment on the dash of their vehicle.

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